Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals may, in appropriate cases and subject to appropriate conditions and safeguards, make special exceptions to the terms of the ordinance in harmony with its general purpose and intent and in accordance with general or specific rules therein contained.


The Zoning Board of Appeals shall consist of five members appointed by the Village President, subject to confirmation by the Village Board for three years, except that of those first appointed, one shall serve for one year, two shall serve for two years, and two for three years. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term of members whose terms become vacant. The Village President may appoint one or two alternate members for terms of three years, who shall act with full power, only when a member of the Board refuses to vote because of interest or is absent. The members shall serve without compensation and shall be removable by the Village President for cause upon written charges and after public hearing.

  • Bonnie Tennant
  • Jim Elmore
  • Kevin Greene
  • Lana Nelson
  • Mark Hepfinger
  • Dasan Klingenberg, alternate

Staff Support

  • Erin Ruth - Director of Planning & Development


The Zoning Board of Appeals meets as needed.