Utility Commission

The Utility Commission is an independent commission designed and created to operate the Village Water and Sewer Utility as empowered and regulated by state laws and to perform its functions separately from the Village Board and to be directly answerable to the Village Board as well as the State of Wisconsin.


The Commission shall comprise one Village Board member and four citizen members. The Commission member shall serve for a two-year term commencing May 1 or until his/her successor is appointed and confirmed by the Board.

  • Chris Stoa - Board Member 
  • Charlie Rogers (Chair)
  • Joanna Williams
  • Jon Russell
  • Mike Hackel

Staff Support

  • Brian Peterson- Director of Public Works & Utilities
  • JJ Larson- Deputy Administrator/ Director of Administrative Services
  • Kristen Krause- Utility Clerk


Utility Commission meetings are held at 5:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday at the Municipal Services Building.