Budget Review Committee

The Budget Review Committee advises the Village Board on financial matters and issues. 

  • Annually review and recommend updates to the Village's Financial Management Plan.
  • Annually review the Village's draft budget and makes recommendations to the Village Board.
  • Review other miscellaneous financial matters of the Village as necessary or as requested. 


The Budget Review Committee consists of the Village President, two Board Members, and two citizen members. All members are appointed on a two-year term and staggered so that not more than one appointment of each is made annually. All members are appointed by the Village President and confirmed by the Village Board.

  • John Williams, Village President (Chair)
  • Heidi Murphy, Board Member
  • Vacant Board Member
  • Cynthia Kelm-Nelson, Citizen Member
  • Jim Elmore, Citizen Member

Staff Support

  • Matt Giese, Village Administrator
  • Cameron Sawyer, Finance Director 


The Committee meets as needed, generally during budget season.