Emergency Preparedness Committee

The Emergency Preparedness Committee advises the Village Board and Emergency Government Director on matters pertaining to emergency government. 


The Emergency Preparedness Committee consists of the Village President, a Board Member, and Village Staff, including the Village Administrator, Department Heads, Police Chief, Fire Chief, and Emergency Medical Services Chief. The committee elects a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.

  • Lt. Matt Wagner - Emergency Government Director (Chair)
  • John Williams - Village President
  • Vincent Wittig - Board Member
  • Matt Giese - Village Administrator
  • Brian Peterson -  Director of Public Works & Utilities 
  • Mark Garry - Chief of Police
  • Nick Archibald - Fire Chief
  • Eric Lang - EMS Chief
  • Sean Brusegar - Director of Parks, Recreation, & Forestry
  • Monona Grove School District 


The committee meets as needed.