Community Development Authority

The Community Development Authority (CDA) advises the Village Board on matters concerning redevelopment projects within the Village. 

The CDA finds, determines, and declares that the undertaking of programs and projects for blight elimination and prevention, slum clearance and prevention, urban renewal and redevelopment, and community development and redevelopment will encourage well-planned integrated, stable, safe, and healthful neighborhoods, the provisions of healthful homes, a decent living environment, adequate places of employment for residents and an increase in the general property tax base of the Village.


The CDA consists of two village board members and four citizen members. Board members shall serve the length of their term, and citizen members serve 4-year terms.

Staff Support

  • Erin Ruth - Director of Planning & Development
  • JJ Larson - Deputy Administrator/Director of Administrative Services


The committee meets on the second Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m at the Village Hall board chamber room.