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Welcome to the Cottage Grove projects landing page. Here you will find updates to all Village projects including, Economic Development Projects, Parks and Recreation Projects, and Public Works / Utility Projects. 

If you have any questions regarding these projects please do not hesitate to reach out to Village Hall at (608) 839 - 4704.

Upcoming Facility Studies

To best plan for accommodating the Village’s growing population, the Village Board has commissioned several facility studies to assist with making critical capital and service-related decisions. The studies are: 

  1. Emergency Services Station #2 Site Feasibility and Space Needs
  2. Public Library Master Plan
  3. Municipal Services Building Renovation/Expansion – Phasing and Cost Analysis (AKA “Village Campus Project”)

Below is more information about each study as well as our upcoming public involvement meetings. 

Information on this page will be updated as the studies progress.

Emergency Services Station #2Public LibraryVillage Campus Project

It is imperative for the Village to be forward-looking to strategically prepare our services to best serve our growing residential and business community.

Public safety will always be a top priority of the Village. Based on the Village’s estimated 30+% population growth since the 2020 Census, it is essential that the Village determine where a second Emergency Services Station (ESS) is located. 

The Village has identified a potential future site of an ESS #2 on the 1500 block of Landmark drive (south of Culvers and Jimmy John’s). FGM is conducting a site feasibility study at this location.

The Village Board has listed the creation of a public library as a top priority over the last couple years. The Library Master Planning study will provide the Village with an informational foundation, which will be used to gain resident feedback and help the Board plan for the future. 

The preferred  site (near W. Cottage Grove Road; west of Glacial Drumlin School and south of Granite Ridge School) is owned by Friends of the Cottage Grove Library

The potential project site is located at 210 Progress Drive; the facility is currently known as the Municipal Services Building (MSB). A facility needs study completed by FGM in 2021 recommended the relocation of Village Hall operations into the MSB, via renovation and expansion. The Village owns about three acres of land immediately west of the MSB. 

The concept includes all current Village departments expanding on the MSB site/land to form a “Village Campus.” FGM’s current study’s goal is to re-phase the 2021 study and perform cost analysis to determine a logical recommended plan to the Board for consideration. 

Village President's Letter to Residents and Property Owners Regarding EMS Due Diligence 

Public Involvement Meetings

The Village of Cottage Grove will host a series of in-person public involvement meetings at the locations listed below. You are encouraged to come learn more about each study and share your feedback. For those who cannot attend, all exhibits will be posted to this page the day after the meetings. 

Public Involvement Meeting 2: Emergency Services Station #2 Site Feasibility Study

Our second public involvement meeting was held Wednesday, March 15, and further discussed the Emergency Services Station #2 Site Feasibility Study and EMS provider due diligence efforts. Following are the exhibits and documents from the meeting:

First Meeting: Introduction of Facility Studies

Our first public involvement meeting was held Wednesday, Jan. 25 and provided an overview of the three facilities studies. Here are the exhibits and documents from the meeting:


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