Police Commission

The Village Board of Police Commissioners has the power to hire, discharge and discipline employees as provided in Wis. Stats. 62.13(5) and 62.13(6m). In addition, the Board of Police Commissioners is responsible for policy and procedures pertaining to promotions and discipline.


The Commissioners shall be appointed for five-year terms except for those first appointed, one shall be for a one-year term, one shall be for a two-year term, one shall be for a three-year term, one shall be for a four-year term, one shall be for a five-year term. 

  • Jess Robinson (Chair)
  • Jeff Stadtmueller 
  • Cara Musick
  • Jennie Lueder
  • Joanna Williams

Staff Support

  • Mark Garry - Chief of Police
  • Matt Wagner - Police Lieutenant


The Police Commission meets as needed.