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Open Records Request


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    1. To Whom It May Concern
      This form is being provided to better assist us in identifying what records you wish to view and/or have copies of. Please note that the cost to provide these items will be charged back to you and the request will be held until payment is made. If you wish, an estimate can be provided prior to the request being completed, please call for a quote.

      You may avoid any charged (except to copy) by examining the records yourself. The Village's Code of Ordinances are also available online. Please note that this does not include payroll records.
    2. The normal identified costs to fulfill a records request is:
      Time: Calculated on 15 minute increments and based on wage per hour for the employee(s) who would complete this request

      Copies: $0.25 per page for black and white copies and $1 per page for color copies.

      Postage: Actual cost.

      If you have any questions on this please feel free to contact me at the Village Hall at 608-839-4704.

      Lisa Kalata
      Village of Cottage Grove