Leaf Management

More than 50% of the annual amount of phosphorus in urban stormwater can come from leaves in the street. When it rains, stormwater flows through leaf piles in streets creating a “leaf tea” that is rich in dissolved phosphorus. This "tea" travels through storm sewers making its way to our lakes, rivers, and streams and can lead to toxic algae blooms (when the beach is closed!!!)

Residents should never place leaves from their yards into the street!

The Village offers a drop-off site for leaves and grass clippings at 225 Bonnie Rd. open seven days a week.

Mulching leaves back into your lawn is a great way to manage leaves and get free fertilizer into your lawn.

Real water-quality superstars rake leaves up out of the street and mulch, compost or drop them off at the Village site. If you’d like to brag about this work at your home, let us know and we’ll get you a “Leaf Free Streets” sign to proudly display!

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