Building Inspection



This new feature will allow contractors and homeowners to submit for new permits online any time day or night. This portal is for electronic submission of your building permit application and related documents. Prior to submitting, gather the following as needed for your specific permit: 

  • Parcel number 
  • Contractor and Sub-contractor info including license # and expiration date 
  • Electronic (PDF) copy of the following (if applicable for your type of project):

Construction Plans

 Site Plan/Plot Plan (New Home or Fence Permit)

 Impact Fee Form (New Home)

 Grading Permit and Plan (New Home)

 Erosion Control Plan (New Home)

 Braced Wall Plan (New Home)

 Heat Calcs (New Home)

Please complete the Meter Contract and email to 

Follow these steps for electronic submission of your building permit application:  

Click on this link to start your application:
Online Building Permit Application 

1. Choose type of project you are applying for:

  • New Commercial (This includes any multifamily structure of 5 or more units)
  • Commercial Addition/Alteration
  • New Residential 1 Family or New Residential 2 Family
  • All Other Residential (Remodel, Deck, Fence, Pool, Electrical, Roof/Siding)

 2. Upload plans and other required documentation as part of this process.
  3.  Once you have started the permit application you will receive an email with a link in case you need to pause and return to complete the process later.
  4.  Once you have finished filling out the form the "Submit" button will be highlighted. If there is any missing information on your form, this button will be greyed out. Please verify that all required boxes are checked as complete.
 5. You will then receive another email confirming that it has been submitted for review. If you  do not receive the second email confirming your submittal, this means it is still  in draft form and may have missing information. Please refer back to step number 4 above.

Once your application is submitted, the following will happen: 

  1. Inspector will review and request more information or accept for further processing 
  2. Once accepted, Inspector will complete detailed review, follow-up with remaining questions with the goal of approving 
  3. Once approved, you will be notified, with an email from our office that, your permit is ready and the payment amount owed

As a reminder, no work should begin until you have an approved permit card. Please direct any questions to 


Payments can be made by the following options:


  • Checks may be mailed or placed in the drop box located outside the front door at Village Hall
  • Online Payments can be made here

Please contact the Building Inspector with any questions or to schedule inspections. Email and Phone information is located on the right side of this page.