Dog Licensing

Animal Licenses are issued on a calendar year basis before April 1 of each year. A license is required for dogs over 5 months of age (see Wis. Stats. 174.05 and 174.42).  Proof of rabies vaccination from your veterinarian is required prior to issuance of a license (see Wis. Stats. 95.21) Proof of vaccination must state the manufacturer name, serial number of the vaccine, and expiration date of the vaccination. The following information is required to obtain a pet license:

  • Name of Owner
  • Address of Owner
  • Name of Pet
  • Sex: Male / Female / Neutered Male / Spayed Female
  • Color
  • Breed
  • Proof of Rabies Vaccination: Including Vaccination Date, Vaccine Manufacturer,  Vaccine Serial Number, and Expiration of Vaccination. 

** Please bring Rabies Certificate from your veterinarian when licensing your dog.

Dog License Fees 

  • $20.00 - Altered (spayed females or neutered males)
  • $25.00 - Unaltered (unspayed females or unneutered males)

If you cannot come to Village Hall during office hours, you can mail in a copy of the rabies certificate with the payment for the license(s), along with a self-addressed stamped envelope so the tags can be mailed to you.