Clerk's Office

The Clerk's Office is committed to open public government and to serving the residents and community stakeholders. The Clerk's Office preserves village records, provides information, and performs other duties as described by state law and local ordinances. 

Primary Units & Key Functions

The Clerk's Office is responsible for the management and administration of all public records, including ordinances, resolutions, minutes, and certifications; managing all facets of the municipal election process and coordination with elected and appointed officials on the development of information necessary for various public meetings. 

  • Election Management - responsible for the coordination and operation of all Village elections. 
  • Licenses and Permits - responsible for the administration and preparation of licenses and permits, including building permits, dog licenses, alcohol licenses, etc... 
  • Public Notices - Ensures that all required notices are prepared, published, and posted as necessary to comply with state and local regulations.
  • Record Management - responsible for record management and filing of all documents, including minutes, resolutions, ordinances, etc.