Highland Village


UMJ investments, LL is seeking approval of a primary plat and General Development Plan (GDP) to construct a multi-family residential development with 38 units in 10 buildings including six 4-unit townhomes, and two 3-unit townhomes. The townhomes are 2-12 stories with porches and individual entries facing the street. The flats are cottage-style buildings 1 to 2 stories in height with ground floor master suites. All units feature 2-car garages. The buildings employ a traditional residential style intended to compliment the adjacent neighborhood.

 A new public road, Highland Drive, is proposed to traverse the site from east to west connecting Cork Crossing with Sandpiper Trail. 

Comprehensive Plan Consistency

It is staff’s opinion that the submitted project is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. 

The subject parcel is part of Mixed Use Area #2 in the Village Comprehensive Plan. The plan states that “mixed use or commercial required within 150’ of Hwy BB frontage, unless requirement is waived by the Village Board following input from the Plan Commission.” The submitted GDP does not include commercial or mixed use within 150’ of Hwy BB so the Village Board would need to waive that requirement as described in the Comprehensive Plan as part of its approval. 

The Comprehensive Plan states that “high quality design and materials are expected facing Highway BB.” It is staff’s opinion that the submitted building designs meet this expectation. 

Lastly, the Comprehensive Plan states that a landscaping buffer adjacent to duplex lots shall be equal to that required for a Planned Business use. This applies to the 40’ landscaping buffer along the northern edge of the project. To achieve the necessary bufferyard 223 landscaping points per 100’ of length is required. The length is approximately 570’ so 1,271 points are required. The submitted plans show 1,155 points. Therefore an additional 116 points shall be provided in the bufferyard. 

Zoning Ordinance Consistency

The applicant is seeking project approval as a Planned Unit Development (PUD). The PUD zoning would replace the current PB, Planned Business zoning. 

The most similar zoning district to the proposed project is MR-12, Multi-Family Residential. PUD zoning is being pursued to allow certain exceptions to the MR-12 district, as follows: 

  • Max. density for MR-12 is 12 units per acre. The maximum density on individual lots in the proposed project is 16 unit per acre. It should be noted the density for the project as a whole is 9 units per acre, so on a project-wide basis the density does not require an exception. 
  • Min. landscape surface ratio (LSR) for MR-12 is 50%. The proposed project has an LSR as low as 35% on an individual lot and 45% over the whole project. 
  • Max. building coverage ratio for MR-12 is 30%. The proposed project has a building coverage as high as 42% on an individual lot and 32% project-wide.
  • MR-12 zoning requires a minimum 3,500 sq. ft. of lot area per unit. The proposed project has a ratio as low as 2,500 sq. ft. per unit on individual lots. It should be noted the project as a whole meets the requirement. 
  • MR-12 requires a minimum lot width of 80’. The proposed project has lot widths as low as 75’. Village of Cottage Grove -3- Meeting date: December 9, 2020.
  • MR-12 zoning requires a 25’ setback on the front or street side. The proposed project has a 12’ setback on Cork Crossing and Sandpiper Trail. The setback on Highway BB complies with the ordinance. 
  • The applicant is requesting minor exceptions to particular sections of the landscaping ordinance related to the placement of street frontage landscaping and the points required for paved areas. The total landscaping points provided exceed the minimum requirement, so the exceptions relate to how the points are allocated. 

Subdivision Ordinance Consistency


The proposed Preliminary Plat meets the requirements of 274-24 and 25. 274-42 provides street design standards for Village plats. 274-42(A) states that minor streets should have a minimum ROW width of 66’. The proposed Highland Drive has a 60’ wide ROW. The ROW width is a condition that can be granted an exception via the PUD process as described in 274-49. Given the limited use expected for the proposed street, 60’ would appear to be adequate. The proposed 30’ curb to curb width falls within the required range of 28’ to 36’.