Partnership Timeline

Year One


Fall 2022

Cottage Grove's Project Sponsor and Project Lead work with staff, residents, non-profit organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders to complete a project description form for each proposed project. UniverCity Year staff are available to meet in person or by phone to answer any questions and help communities increase the likelihood of projects matching with UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students.

Winter 2022 through Spring 2023

UniverCity Year staff works with the Village to clarify project description forms, which are used to find faculty, staff, and students with the knowledge. interest, and availability to work on a community project. Once a match is made, UCY staff organize and attend a conference call between the local government's project lead and UW-Madison's faculty lead. As a result of this meeting, UCY staff will draft a scope of work document for both the project lead and faculty lead to review, revise, and approve (verbally or by email). It is possible that communities won't proceed past this phase if matching is unsuccessful.

Spring 2023 through Fall 2023  

Both parties enter into a legal agreement (see page 12) in which the community agrees to pay UW-Madison for activities outlined in the Scope-of-Work documents. Meanwhile, UniverCity Year staff gives project leads to access to UW-Madison systems and technologies to streamline communications between the community and the campus. Project leads compile any relevant data and transmit it to the faculty. 

Year Two

Fall 2023 through Spring 2024

Project leads, faculty, staff, and students collaborate on community projects. Student groups may conduct research in the community during this time. Project leads communicate regularly with students throughout the semester and attend final presentations - either online or on campus - during the last week of the semester. 

Year Three

Spring 2024 through Fall 2025

Communities review student recommendations and determine which to move forward in their plans and policies. UW-Madison faculty are available for short-term consultations if questions arise based on the student's work. UniverCity year staff prepare a final report and workbook to support the community's implementation efforts and are available to facilitate future partnerships and projects if desired.