Snow Removal

The responsibility for keeping vehicular and pedestrian traffic moving safely over 37 miles of streets during and following snow and ice storms lies with the Village's Public Works Department. The timing of a storm will influence the removal of snow and ice.

It may be necessary to clear a route immediately for power outages, water main breaks, fires, police and ambulance calls, or other obvious emergencies. 

The following is a list of the areas classes and the order in which service will be directed, beginning with class one. 

  • Class 1: Regional collector and major streets are those streets that are designated as Country Trunk Highways. These include CTH BB (Cottage Grove Road) and CTH N (Main Street). The Village maintains all portions of CTH BB.
  • Class 2: School bus routes and local collectors streets are those streets that generally carry traffic from one neighborhood to another portion of the village or routes serving a major public facility. 
  • Class 3: Business District shall include the downtown are and public parking lots, if applicable. 
  • Class 4: Minor streets and circles or courts which serve individual premises.
  • Class 5: Clearing of intersections for better traffic movement and visibility. 
  • Class 6: Public sidewalks and pedestrian/bike trails are the paths about the publicly owned lands in the community. 
  • Class 7: Sidewalks abutting private property may be maintained by the Village on a property owner default basis and the penalties and costs assessed and taxes to the abutting property.

The Public Works Committee directed us to continue to reduce road salt usage in 2021, reduction work has been very successful and generally well accepted by Village residents.

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