2024 Budget Status

In the upcoming months the Village will start the annual budgeting process for 2024. The beginning of the budget process includes evaluating capital project needs. Once these needs are identified Ehlers, the village's financial advisor, will prepare the annual Financial Management Plan (FMP). Ehlers will present the FMP to the Village Board for consideration. The FMP is used as a guideline to assist staff in developing the budget for the Budget Review Committee.  Following the Budget Review Committee a revised budget, if needed, is presented to all board members during the Village Board Budget Workshop. Once the board approves a preliminary budget it will be posted a minimum of 15 days prior to the Public Hearing. The Budget Review Committee, Village Board Budget Workshop, and Public Hearing are all open to the public to attend and provide feedback. As these documents become available they will be posted below.

For any questions regarding the budget process please reach out to Finance Director Cameron Sawyer. csawyer@villageofcottagegrove.gov