2023 Budget

Fiscal Year 2023 Budget

2023 Preliminary Budget

Budget Presentations

2023 Budget Process Timeline 

  • July: Department Head staff make capital project requests and recommended adjustments to the Financial Management Plan (FMP) to the Village Administrator. 
  • July - August: Administrator reviews Department Head adjustments/requests and submits draft updates to Financial Advisor. 
  • August: Financial Advisor drafts updated FMP
  • September 13th (need to confirm quorum): Budget Review Committee reviews draft of updated FMP and makes a recommendation to the Board 
  • September 19th: Village Board review and approval of updated FMP
  • September 20th – October 21: Department Heads draft individual budgets and have them reviewed by respective committees
  • October 24th: Department budgets due to Finance Director
  • November 1st- 3rd: Village Administrator reviews proposed budget and drafts recommendation to Budget Review Committee 
  • November 4th: Village President review of the draft budget with the Administrator
  • November 8th: Budget Review Committee reviews draft budget and makes a recommendation of a preliminary budget to the Board
  • November 11th: Preliminary budget sent to the Village Board for review prior to Budget Workshop
  • November 16th: Village Board Workshop (5:30 p.m)
  • November 17th: summary of preliminary 2023 budget sent to WSJ for publication on November 18th (15-day notice of budget public hearing). 
  • December 5th: Budget public hearing and adoption (final approval) 
  • December 19th: Deadline for tax bills to be maile