Crack Filling

Starting Monday, July 18th going until Tuesday, July 19th, Fahrner Asphalt Sealing will be crack sealing certain roads within the Village. For any questions, contact Public Works at (608) 839 - 5813

Crack filling involves placing an adhesive sealant into the cracks on the paved street. The process prevents moisture and non-compressible materials from infiltrating the pavement. 

Streets Impacted

  • Bakken Park parking lot
  • Weald Bridge Road from Bonnie Road to Southing Grange
  • Southing Grange from West Cottage Grove Road to approximately 200 ft north of Weald Bridge Road
  • Limerick Drive
  • Erin Court
  • Bonnie Road from Lori Lane to Connie Street
  • Connie Street from Bonnie Road to Lori Lane
  • Donna Street from Connie Street to Ollie Street
  • Lori Lane from Connie Street to Community Park parking lot
  • Cheryl Street from Bonnie Road to Lori Lane