3) Clark & Grove Street Reconstruction

This project will replace the failed asphalt streets, add curb & gutter and include significant additional on-street parking in the immediate area surrounding the Village’s destination park. The plan calls for the addition of over 100 on-street parking spaces, without utilizing any valuable parkland for a lot. 

Given the additional impervious street planned, the project also includes significant stormwater infrastructure including the addition of a large pond across Vilas Rd. 

This is the second phase of the overall reconstruction of this area of the Village. Last year, our project extended a bike trail from the trailhead of the Glacial Drumlin State Trail west along Clark Street and into and through Firemen’s & Bakken Park, ultimately terminating at the parking lot along Vilas. Dane County has plans to connect this trail to the City of Madison in the coming years. 

Project Plans  |  Construction Schedule