1) Street Improvements

West Oak St. Improvements

This project reconstructs W. Oak Street from Main Street (CTH N) to Westlawn.

This stretch of street was built very wide and has long been the site of citizen reports of speeding traffic. This project moves the curb and gutter along the south side in, narrowing the driving lanes, and narrower streets have lower average traffic speeds. The project also adds an off-street multi-use path along the south side. 

This neighborhood is lacking sidewalks throughout much of the area, the path will allow residents to bike and walk safely out of traffic. The project also includes a crosswalk (with planned RRFB) across CTH N/Main St. from the north-south path on N to the new path planned on W. Oak. This will continue to expand our low-stress, off-street path network and allow residents and visitors to safely navigate our Village outside of their cars. 

Taylor/Ridge Rd. Reconstruction

This project replaces the failing asphalt on E. Taylor and Ridge Rd. out to the easternmost Village limits. It includes the addition of a small amount of curb & gutter and the replacement of a stretch of old asbestos-cement water main. 

The project will also be striped with bike lanes on the urban section of E. Taylor between Main Street (CTH N) and Heather Drive. 

Additionally, as a part of this project, Weald Bridge Road will be repaved from Main Street (CTH N) to Bonnie Road.

Project Plans  |  Construction Schedule