Early Primary Creative Drama Taylor Prairie

 This class is great for both the reserved child and expressive child, as it gives them the opportunity to channel their natural creativity into positive expression. Their imaginations will thrive. The class time is structured and fun, with new and engaging creative movement, dance, drama, stories, speech and acting activities every week. 
 Date  Day  Time  Cost  Session  Registration
(No Class 10/22)
 Thursdays  2:35-3:10 pm  $140  1  CANCELED
(No Class 2/25)
 Thursdays  2:35-3:10 pm  $140  2  Register Button
(No Class 4/1)
 Thursdays  2:35-3:10 pm  $140  3  Register Button
Creative Drama Cottage Grove School

This class is a blend of acting activities, techniques and presentations for elementary school students. Kids learn new acting skills and are fully engaged and participating during the entire class. The curriculum is student focused, relying on children natural ability to create and have fun. Students explore their inner energy, focus and power through dramatic innovations and activities such as scene selections, improvisation, speech and movement. They also enjoy theater games and in-class performances.
 Date  Day  Time  Cost  Session  Registration
(No Class 11/30)
 Mondays  2:40-3:40 pm  $150  1  CANCELED
(No Class 1/18)
 Mondays  2:40-3:40 pm  $150  2  Register Button
(No Class 3/22, 3/29)
 Mondays  2:40-3:40 pm  $150  3  Register Button

Middle School Active Academy GDS

Students connect, create and participate during this developmental drama class, which incorporates a wide range of theater-based activities promoting leadership, public speaking and communication skills. They'll have fun delving into drama fundamentals like projection, articulation, characterization, improvisation, dramatic movement and script analysis. The curriculum encourages students to express themselves innovatively and collaboratively providing opportunity for encouragement, training and motivation.
 Date  Day  Time  Cost  Session  Registration
 10/15-12/17  Mondays  3:30-4:30 pm  $125  1  CANCELED
 1/14-5/13  Mondays  3:30-4:30 pm  $250  2  Register Button