July 27-31: Treasure Hunt Week

Monday, July 27th: Free Little Library Selfie Scavenger Hunt Challenge
Did you know there are 15 free little libraries in Cottage Grove?
All though the libraries are currently closed due to COVID-19 try to see how man free little library locations you can find. 

  • While getting outside and staying active in Cottage Grove, try to find all 15 free little libraries and take a selfie which each free little library that you find.
  • Submit all your free little library selfies to sfrederickson@village.cottage-grove.wi.us by midnight Thursday, July 30th.
  • The person who has the most free little library selfies submitted will win the challenge.
Tuesday, July 28th: This or That
  • Visit our Facebook page and vote on our noon post for which park you like the best.
Wednesday, July 29th: DIY Hand Sanitizer!
Are you looking for a fun activity for your family? CLICK HERE and follow the tutorial to make hand sanitizer for yourself and your family members!
Thursday, July 30th: Sports Team Scavenger Hunt
We need your participation for this to be successful! With the MLB starting last week and the NBA slated to start next week, color, draw or print a picture of you favorite MLB and or NBA team and put it in your window. Please leave the picture up throughout the end of the week and weekend.

  • Step 1: Please color, draw, or print a picture of your favorite MLB and or NBA team.
  • Step 2: Put the picture up in your window (or anywhere on your property).
  • Step 3: If you have a Facebook, comment in the thread on Thursday where your neighborhood is.
  • Step 4: Go for a walk around your neighborhood to find as many different images as you can!
  • Step 5: Post pictures of you or your family out on the hunt and tag #StayingActiveinTheGrove!

Friday, July 31st: Cottage Grove Parks & Rec Care Package
  • We will post on Facebook at 1pm.
  • The post will include a picture of our care package that will be placed somewhere in the village. 
  • Its up to you to find this care package based on the supplied picture in the 1pm post.
  • The first person to find the care package wins all of the items that are included in the care package box.
  • If you find the care package please post a picture of yourself and the items you have won in the comments of our 1pm Facebook post.