June 8-12: Power in Positivity Week

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Monday, June 8th: Motivational Quote Drawing Contest
  • Think of or find a quote that is meaningful to you, draw a picture while also incorporating your quote in or around your drawing.
  • Submit your quote/drawing by commenting on our Facebook post with your drawing or email your photo to sfrederickson@village.cottage-grove.wi.us by 11:59pm on Wednesday.
  • Voting will take place Thursday-Friday at 10am.
  • The winner will be revealed Friday at Noon
Quote Drawing
Tuesday, June 9th: Oragami!
  • Click HERE and choose any of the different animals/object to attempt to make.
  • Follow the steps for each fold to create the animal/object you chose.
  • Show us your final project by commenting with a picture on our Facebook post.
Wednesday, June 10th: Build your own Obstacle Course at home!
  • Get your family outside and create your own obstacle course!
  • Be creative and try different style of obstacle courses found HERE.
  • Share your course with us on Facebook!
Thursday, June 11th: Positive Chalk Collage at Northlawn Park
  • Make sure you have chalk for this activity! If you don't have chalk at home we've got you covered. Bring a non-perishable food item to our office (210 Progress Drive, Suite 2) anytime between 8am and 4pm. Exchange your non-perishable food item for a piece of chalk that you can then use to write/draw your positive message.
  • All non-perishable food items that are brought to our office will then be donated to the local food pantry. We really appreciate any items that are dropped off, below is a list of items that the food pantry could use.
  • Pineapple or other canned fruits, Sweet potatoes, corn or other canned vegetables, Tuna, Spam, Pasta sauce, Jelly, Toilet paper, Dish soap, Facial tissue or any general non-perishable would be welcome and appreciated.
  • Once you have your chalk make sure to head to the basketball court at Northlawn Park, use the court as your canvas to draw your positive message!
  • Please make sure to leave space for others to draw their messages. 
  • Physical Distancing between individuals not from the same household must be maintained at all times while drawing your positive message.
  • Please make sure to have all positive messages drawn by 6pm as we would like to capture a special picture of the messages.
Chalk Positive Picture
Friday, June 12th: Cottage Grove Parks & Rec Care Package!
  • We will post on Facebook at 1pm.
  • The post will include a picture of our care package that will be placed somewhere in the village.
  • Its up to you to find this care package based on the supplied picture in the 1pm post.
  • The first person to find the care package wins all of the items that are included in the care package box.
  • If you find the care package please post a picture of yourself and the items you have won in the comments of our 1pm Facebook post.