May 25-29: Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes Image
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Monday, May 25th: Stars and Stripes Chalk Your Walk Challenge!
  • Draw something creative that relates to the stars and stripes theme!
  • Take a picture of your art work and submit by commenting on our Facebook post with your picture or email the picture of your artwork to by 11:59pm on Wednesday.
  • Voting will take place Thursday-Friday at 10am.
  • The winner will be revealed Friday at Noon!

Tuesday, May 26th: Stars and Stripes Scavenger Hunt
  • Color a picture of a stars and stripes theme object or find one from around your house.
  • Put the object in your window and take a walk in your neighborhood to find as many stars and stripe objects as you can find!

Wednesday, May 27th: Favorite Outdoor Activity Day
  • Go outside with a sibling and or parent and participate in your favorite outdoor activity. This could be going on a bike ride or a run or a hike or playing catch or shooting hoops. Get outside and have some fun doing your favorite outdoor activity!
  • Share a picture with us on Facebook!
Thursday, May 28th: Nature Collage
  • Create a collage out of items you found outside!
  • Go outside and collect leaves, sticks, pine cones, flowers, ect...
  • Be creative and create a collage using these items you've found!
  • Look at some of the examples below.
  • Share your creation with us on Facebook!
Nature Collage 1
Nature Collage 2
Friday, May 29th: This or That
  • This activity is on our Facebook Page.
  • Choose This or That.