Spring & Summer Cheer and Tumbling

Spring 2020

Itsy Bitsy Tumbling

A beginning class that uses gross and fine motor movement mixed with games, music and basic beginning tumbling skills. Class will focus on skills based on the abilities of tumblers attending.
Location: Municipal Building, 230 Progress Drive
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 2-3 Years 4/6-6/8 Mon 5:00-5:50 p.m. 2632 $50  CANCELED

Spring Tumbling For All Levels

Learn drills and work hard on your tumbling skills! Tumblers will learn fundamental skills with the proper technique for the beginning tumbling skills. No prior tumbling experience is required. Tumblers will be split into groups according to skill level.
Location: Municipal Building, 230 Progress Drive
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4+ 5/4-6/15 Mon 6:00-7:15 p.m. 2633 $55  Register Button

Spring Ninja Tumbling and Training

Learn an all new sports inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle training, and freestyle movement. Class goals: listening skills, confidence, trying new things , manners and gross motor movement. We accomplish all of this through a strategic mix of tumbling skills, progressions, contests and fun! All new curriculum!
Location: Municipal Building, 230 Progress Drive
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5+ 4/8-5/27 Wed 5:15-6:15 p.m. 2634 $55  CANCELED

Parade Cheer and Tumble Team

Join the fun while learning all about performance cheerleading! Stunt, tumble, jump and dance and perform in two parades! Athletes will be split into age groups/skill levels. Cost includes: professional instruction by USASF Certified Coaching Staff, performance top, performance bow, and two parades! *Perform in Monona Memorial Day Parade (May) and Cottage Grove Festival Parade (June).
Location: Municipal Building, 230 Progress Drive
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5+ 5/6-6/24 Wed 6:00-7:30 p.m. 2635 $100  Register Button


Summer Show Cheer Team

Use the summer to learn about the sport of competitive cheerleading or build on the skills you already have! Beginner and seasoned athletes are invited to train this off season. Stunt, jump, tumble, and dance the summer away! We will learn how to set, reach, and achieve personal and team goals as well as get physically fit! Performance T-shirt and bow included. Performance at the Sun Prairie Corn Festival Parade at end of session instruction by USASF Certified Coaching Staff.
Location: Municipal Building, 230 Progress Drive
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 4+ 7/8-8/26 Wed 6:00-7:30 p.m. 2637 $110  Register Button

Summer Cheer Tumbling
Use your summer to take your skills to the next level! Learn new skills and improve the skills you've worked so hard to gain! Tumblers will work skills and drills along with strength and flexibility needed for proper technique and progression. *This class is intended for athletes that have taken previous tumbling classes

Location: Municipal Building, 230 Progress Dr.

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 6+ 6/18-8/13 Thurs 5:45-6:45 p.m. 2639 $75 Register Button

Cheer and Tumble Summer Camps

Camps are designed for everyone beginner-advanced! Various skills and classes to choose from in each session. Athletes will choose from a variety of sessions! Cheer, Dance, Tumbling, Tumbling specific-front and back walk overs, back handsprings, tucks. Stunt Bootcamp beginner-advanced, flexibility, cheerfit, and more! Campers will be split in groups according to age and skill level. *Campers should bring a light snack and water bottle to camp.

Location: Municipal Building, 230 Progress Drive
Age   Date  Day  Time  Code  Cost  Register
 5+  6/22-6/25 Mon-Thur 9:00 am-12:00 pm 2641 $75/session  Register Button
 5+  7/20-7/23 Mon-Thur 9:00 am-12:00 pm 2642 $75/session  Register Button

CheerFit & Flexibility

Flexibility, conditioning, cardio, drills and fun for those athletes looking to increase strength and flexibility for tumbling and cheer skills. This class will include an at home challenge for athletes enrolled in the class with prizes and more!
Location: Municipal Building, 230 Progress Drive
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 6+ 6/18-8/13 Thurs 6:45-7:45 p.m. 2638 $75  Register Button

Intro to Cheer Workshop

Interested in the sport of cheer and tumbling? Get a glimpse of the sport through this 4-week workshop. Learn basic skills and drills, routine components: tumbling, stunting, dance, and jumps. Includes T-shirt and short exhibition for family on the last class. This is a great introduction to rec prep teams that start in October!
Location: Municipal Building, 230 Progress Drive
 Age  Date  Day  Time  Code  Cost  Register
4-11 9/9-9/30 Wed 5:45-6:45 p.m. 2643 $45  Register Button