Protect Your Business

Commercial Safety

The design and layout of your building as well as certain business procedures can help to deter robberies.
  • Keep all street facing windows clear of obstructions so that people outside, including the police easily see what is going on inside.
  • Keep bushes and hedges near the business trimmed.
  • Have good lighting around the business, to prevent criminals from being able to hide near the business.
  • Install a silent panic alarm for emergencies and a security camera system that records 24 hours a day with coverage both inside and outside the building.

Cash Handling

Develop a cash handling procedure that includes:
  • Don’t keep all the money in one location.
  • Make frequent bank deposits throughout the day.
  • Vary times and routes of bank deposit runs.
  • Keep checks and cash separate.
  • Conceal bank bags.
  • If you keep cash inside at night, use a drop safe to secure it.

In the Event of Robbery

If a robbery occurs:
  • Remain calm and give the robber whatever they ask for, don’t try to be a hero.
  • Call 911 immediately as soon as you believe the criminal has fled and you feel safe to make the call.
  • Try to remember as many details as you can about the offender.
  • After the robbery, have employees write out as many details as they can remember