Traffic Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement / Extra Patrol

When citizens believe there is a need for concentrated traffic or other enforcement at a particular location or in a particular neighborhood, they should contact the department to discuss this concern with an on-duty officer, the sergeant or chief. Arrangements will be made to address the concern with extra patrols, speed enforcement or other appropriate responses.

Speed Board

A digital display speed detection unit, Speed Board, is available for placement on streets or roadways in the community where speeding is identified as a problem. Drivers are provided with a radar report of their speed through displayed information as a reminder to adhere to posted speed limits. Contact the business office or speak to an officer to report a location where the speed board is needed. A portable hand-held radar unit is also available and can be provided to citizens to allow them to monitor traffic speeds for themselves. Contact the department to arrange to receive this unit.

Mobile Eyes Program

Suspected impaired drivers can be reported via your cell phone by calling 911 or 608-255-2345 and providing the dispatcher with necessary information so coordination with a responding police officer can take place to apprehend the suspected impaired driver.