About Us

The Village of Cottage Grove Police Department was established in January of 2015 after the dissolution of the joint village and town police department that had operated since 1982.  The new Village of Cottage Grove Police Department is located in a joint municipal building at 210 Progress Drive, Suite 1, Cottage Grove WI, 53527.  The Department of Public Works and the Parks and Recreation Departments are also located at this site.  The new police department building has room for growth and was built as a police department, not a conversion from another use.  Sufficient office space, meeting rooms, interview rooms and evidence processing and storage was done to professional standards.  All of our vehicles are now stored in a large garage shared with the DPW which should help minimize maintenance issues.


The staff of the police department consists of a Chief of Police, Mark Garry, a Lieutenant, Matthew Wagner, two Sergeants, a Detective, a School Resource Officer, a K9 Officer, 10 Patrol Officers, an Administrative Services Manager and an Administrative Assistant.  Around the clock call response and patrol is maintained by the department.  911 emergency calls are received by the Dane County Public Safety Communications Center in Madison and relayed to the on-duty officer(s) via radio and mobile data computer.

Cottage Grove Police Badge


Officers participate in various training programs during the year through regular in-service training with members of other police agencies in the county.  They also attend courses on specialized topics that enhance their ability and skills to provide effective and efficient services to the community.  New officers participate in a field training program and all officers receive training and certifications in a number of core areas.

Partner Organizations

The department participates in and is affiliated with national, state and Dane County Chief’s of Police organizations, the county-wide drug and gang task force, a financial crime investigator’s network, a county-wide criminal information exchange network, Safe Community Coalition, Crime Stoppers and state and regional drug and gang organizations.  The department is a member of the Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce.

During the year, the agency participates in traffic and safety initiatives through DOT Bureau of Transportation safety programs and our membership in the Safe Community Coalition.  Some of these programs are: OWI traffic enforcement, underage alcohol enforcement, pedestrian safety projects, speed reduction efforts, improved child safety in school zones, child safety initiatives, increased safety belt use and many other activities aimed at reducing traffic crashes and enhancing the safety of motorist, pedestrians, bicyclists and community residents.

The Department also partners with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, RSVP of Dane County, Triad of Dane County and local volunteers for the Cottage Grove TRIAD group that regularly meets and sponsors programs for seniors in the community.  A school resource officer serves the Glacial Drumlin Middle School, Cottage Grove Elementary School, Granite Ridge School and Taylor Prairie School in Cottage Grove through a partnership with the school district and City of Monona.

Community Oriented & Problem Solving Policing

The Cottage Grove Police Department is committed to Community Oriented and Problem Solving policing.  This is a method by which the police and citizens join as partners to identify and solve problems in the community.  When officers and citizens become involved together, each becomes organizers, planners and educators; this benefits the community and the individuals involved.  This partnering is a change from the nature of police work.  It allows for greater flexibility and responsiveness from the police and also the community to recognize, address and resolve problems.  The end result is a new relationship that is formed, which makes our community a great place to live.  We encourage citizen involvement.  Please contact the department to see how we can work with you or your organization.