Peer Court Steering Committee

The Village of Cottage Grove Municipal Court offers the optional sentence of Community Peer Court for traffic or municipal offenses by 12 – 17-year-old first offenders (including 18-year old if still in high school). Offenders who have pled guilty or no contest may be referred to Community Peer Court which provides an opportunity to receive, from a jury of their peers, an alternative to paying a fine or having criminal record.


The Peer Court Steering Committee is comprised of one Village Board member, three citizen members and the Chief of Police. 

  • David Peterson - Board Member (Chair)
  • Mark Garry - Chief of Police
  • Matt Wagner - Police Lieutenant
  • Judge Mark Hepfinger
  • Jill Rinzel

Staff Support

  • Cindi Peck - Municipal Court Clerk
  • Claudi Parks -Briarpatch
  • Jay Kiefer - Briarpatch


The Peer Court Steering Committee meets at 5:00 p.m. on Odd Months on the third Tuesday of the month.