April 20-24 A Week in Space

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Monday, April 20: Space Painting/Drawing Challenge!
  • Paint/Draw a space themed picture. Use this link HERE for some cool ideas for your masterpiece!
  • Take a picture of your masterpiece and submit it on the FB thread by Wed or email it to bfranseen@village.cottage-grove.wi.us to enter into the contest
  • Keep an eye out for the voting link on Thursday to vote for your favorite masterpiece. Voting open Thurs-Fri at 10AM.
  • The top masterpiece will be revealed on Friday after 12PM.

Tuesday, April 21: Explore the Night Sky!
  • Use the link HERE to explore constellations and find where to locate them in the night sky.
  • Sit outside tonight and try to find as many constellations as you can.
  • Keep an eye out for the Lyrids meteor shower that will be taking place and is expected to peak in activity tonight and tomorrow night!

Wednesday, April 22: This or That
  • This activity is on our Facebook page!
  • Choose This or That

Thursday, April 23: Space Snacks!
  • Click on the link HERE.
  • Choose one of your favorite looking galaxy snacks to make!

Friday, April 24: Make a Martian Mask!
  • Make a Martian Mask out of materials found around your house, be creative.
  • Once you make your mask, send a picture to bfranseen@village.cottage-grove.wi.us of you with your mask on!